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Laser Measuring Tool S9

The laser distance meter is designed with super precision and can measure up to 330ft. More accurate data offered with less measuring errors.


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  • Accurately measure angles and distance up to a range of 60m
  • Built-in backlit display allows you to easily check your readings at day and night
  • Multi-tool supports single, continuous, area, volume, and Pythagoras measurements
  • IP54 water- and dustproof design suitable to be used in any type of environment

The S9 laser measuring tool from SUAOKI is a highly accurate distance meter suitable for personal and professional users alike. The laser distance meter lets you accurately measure the distance between two objects up to 60m away from each other. Thanks to its highly accurate design, you can be assured that you’ll always be treated to trustworthy readings. All readings can be received in Metric and Imperial units, allowing people from around the world to use this tool without encountering any difficulties. Besides measuring distance, this state-of-the-art laser measuring tool can also be used for calculating angles and volume. No matter your measuring needs, the SUAOKI S9 is guaranteed to meet them all.

To guarantee a thorough user experience, our laser measuring tool does not only calculate distance and angles, but it also supports height, volume, and Pythagoras measurements. Thanks to its simple and straightforward design, you can easily switch in between the different measuring modes. The backlit LCD display makes it very easy to read the provided measurements at both day and night. Along with its energy efficient design, your laser measuring tool allows you to make up to 5000 measurements before it’s running low on juice. As of such, you can use it for years to come without ever needing to worry about replacing your batteries.

This high-end laser measuring tool features a compact and lightweight design. Thanks to this, you can easily use and operate it by using just one hand. The body of the laser distance meter has been graded IP54, making it resistant to water, dust, and shocks. As a result, you can safely use it both inside and outdoors. The SUAOKI S9 will do its job even in the toughest of environments. If you’re looking for a truly multipurpose laser measuring tool that accurately measures distance, angles, volume, and more, this gadget from SUAOKI is a perfect choice for you.

This laser measuring tool is brought to you by SUAOKI, your online supplier of affordable high-quality outdoor gear and automotive gadgets. More Power, Less Footprint!


Product specifications
Measuring accuracy: <1/16 inches (+/- 1.5 mm )
Measuring units: m/ft/in
Typical max range: 197 feet (60 m)
Laser class: Class 2; 650 nm; <1 mW
IP rating: IP54
Battery type: 2x 1.5V AAA (replaceable)
Battery life: 5,000 measurements
Bubble levels: Vertical, Horizontal
Operating/Storage temp.: 0 to 40℃ / -10 to 60℃
Auto turn off: 30/180 sec.
Product dimensions: 4.53 x 2.05 x 1.28 inches (115 x 52 x 32.5 mm)
Product weight: 0.27 lbs. (123 g)


Package contents
1x Laser measuring tool
1x Flat-blade screwdriver
1x Carrying case with lanyard
1x User manual



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