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Solar Powered Battery Charger 18W

Never worry again about running out of battery with the 18W solar powered battery charger ready to power up your smartphones and tablets.


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  • Portable and lightweight solar panel charger design for easy transport & long term use
  • High solar efficiency with a conversion rate of 22.5% 
  • Use the cigarette lighter plug to charge your vehicle's battery
  • Blocking diode ensures your batteries won't get drained at night

The SUAOKI 18W solar powered battery charger for cars is your perfect solar powered ally to maintain the batteries of your vehicles running when off-grid. This portable solar panel has a compact design that ensures an easy transportation no matter where you go. Moreover, it only weighs 12.49 ounces, lighter and thinner than most solar panel chargers in the market. Thanks to the shape, weight and durable body, you can mount this solar powered battery charger on the roofs of your vehicles, including cars, RVs, boats, vans, trucks, and more. Use the pre-drilled holes in the solar panel charger to install it.

This 18W solar powered battery charger features advanced panel cells technology giving it higher conversion efficiency rating than other solar panel chargers. For this portable solar panel, the conversion efficiency goes up to 22.5%. Moreover, it has an output voltage of 18V with the 18W of energy, which is perfect to maintain powered up your vehicle's batteries (cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.). To power up your vehicle's batteries, there are two ways. Use the cigarette lighter plug included with the solar panel charger to hook it in the cigarette lighter socket, or use the crocodile clips (also included) to connect the solar panel charger with the vehicle's battery. Either way, with this solar powered battery charger your battery will always be powered up to keep going.

The lightweight and easy-to-carry design makes it perfect to carry for your road trip adventures, holidays, camping and more. Furthermore, the solar powered battery charger features a built-in blocking diode. The blocking diode prevents the batteries from discharging backward through your solar panels at night. Thus, the solar panel has water resistant and heat resistant materials for a long term use. To sum up, if you are a road trip lover and an outdoorsy person and don't want to worry about drained batteries, the SUAOKI 18W portable solar solar powered battery charger for cars is what you need.

This solar powered battery charger is brought to you by SUAOKI, your online supplier of affordable high-quality outdoor gear and automotive gadgets. More Power, Less Footprint!


Product specifications
Watts: 18W
No-load voltage: 18V to 23V DC
Load voltage: 18V
Short-circuit current: 1A
Solar cell efficiency: 22.5%
Solar cell dimensions: 4.9 x 4.9 inches
Working temperature: -4°F to 149°F (-20°C to 65°C)
Product net weight: 12.49 oz (345 g)
Product dimensions: 16.54 x 11.02 x 0.08 inches (420 x 280 x 2.0 mm) 

Please Note: the 18W solar powered battery charger for vehicles is not for charging your vehicle's dead battery. Its main function is as a solar battery maintainer that keeps your battery charged to lengthen its life expectancy. Also, we recommend to unplug the solar panel charger at night, in case the blocking diode doesn't prevent all reverse discharge.


Package includes
1 x 18W solar powered battery charger
1 x Crocodile slips (power cord 1.5m)
1 x Cigarette lighter plug (power cord 1.5m)
1 x User manual
1 x Thank you card




1. How can I connect this 18W solar charger with my vehicle's battery?

This 18-watt solar charger can be used to charge your vehicle battery via crocodile/alligator clips.


2. Can I place this 18W solar charger on the dashboard of my car and connect it with the car's cigarette lighter socket, would this charge my battery then? I want to keep my RV chassis battery charged while it is in storage for the season.

Yes, you can connect this 18W solar powered battery charger to your cigarette lighter socket of your car to recharge its battery.




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