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Windshield Snow Cover

Protect your vehicle’s windscreen with SUAOKI windshield snow cover;  all-weather, year round protection; large size fits any sedan, SUV, pickup truck, etc.


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  • This windshield snow cover is your all weather protection for your windscreen. It protects against snow, dust storms, and heavy rain. The back silver side protects from the hot sun
  • With dimensions at 80” W x 59” D, this is a one size fits all design. You can use it for sedans, SUVS, Jeeps, and more. It is only 0.1” thick
  • Mande of 190T polyester - a durable and sturdy material. It is waterproof, tear resistant and provides protection against UV radiations
  • Comes with elastic straps that has hooks at one end. You can hook it to the inside of your car so it is safely and securely placed, and can withstand stormy weather conditions

With SUAOKI windshield snow cover, you can enjoy a clean and fresh windscreen  in cold snowy mornings. No longer do you have to spend time scraping ice and sleet off your windshield, and save yourself some useful time. This cover is made of a thick, but lightweight, 190T polyester material which is very strong and sturdy. It is a tear-resistant and has UV radiation reflection features.An additional pair of side mirror cover is also included in the package. Furthermore, it also comes with a carriage bag in which you can easily store this windshield snow cover and carry it anywhere you want..

This windshield snow cover not  only protects your screen from the snow, but it is your year-round windscreen protector. During sunny summer, the silver backside of the cover can be used as a sun-shade, keeping the dashboard safe from scorching heat. The sunshade also works best keeping the temperature inside the car low, so you don't get burnt in hot sunny conditions. This windshield snow cover can also protect your windscreen from dusty storms, birds waste and heavy rains.

SUAOKI windshield snow cover is sized at 80 x 59 inches, it is a large windshield cover that fits most cars, sedans, SUVs, trucks, jeeps and more. So this one cover can be used on multiple different vehicles. This protector has 6 elastic straps connected to it, and the straps have hooks at one end. 2 buckle straps at the top, 2 hooks in the middle and 2 hooks at the bottom of the cover. The buckle straps at the top are connected inside the car which provides additional anti-theft security. The hooks makes sure the cover is firmly placed and locked in its position so that embrace heavy storms and downpours easily. With this all-weather windscreen protector you can take care of your windshield and you do not have to waste time on cleaning your mirror from snow and ice. So get yourself the SUAOKI windshield snow cover and efficiently take care of your windscreen and the car as a whole.

This windshield snow cover is brought to you by SUAOKI, your online supplier of affordable high-quality outdoor gear and automotive gadgets. More Power, Less Footprint!


Product Specifications
Material: 190T polyester
Product dimensions: W x D x H: 80 x 59 x 0.1 inches (205 x 150 x 0.3 cm)


Package Includes
1 x SUAOKI snow cover
1 x Storage bag
2 x Side mirror snow cover




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