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Golf Distance Finder 600M

Premium golf range finder efficiently calculates distance, angle, and height between you and a target located up to 600m away.


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  • Easily measure the distance between you and an object up to 600m away
  • High-quality scope with 6x magnification for high precision measurements
  • Lightweight and rainproof design can be used in any weather condition
  • Enjoy an abundance of features and operating mode for the perfect golf experience

With the SUAOKI golf distance finder at your side, you’ll be able to easily measure the distance between you and any object up to 600m (656 yards) away. This allows you to easily calculate the distance between you and the flagpole or green within the blink of an eye. From now on, you’ll always know how far your target is removed away from you. Along with its ability to calculate height and angle, our golf distance finder provides you with all the info needed to hit the perfect swing. With an abundance of modes and features including flagpole lock, distance correction, and fog mode, this amazing golfing gadget lets you play any game like a pro. No matter your golfing level, with the SUAOKI golf distance finder your score has never been better.

Our golf distance finder comes equipped with a high-quality 6x magnifying scope. This scope features a high accuracy of merely 1m. Thanks to this, you’ll always be treated to highly accurate distance, height, and angle calculations. You can personally select whether you wish to receive your data in imperial or metric units. This makes our golf distance finder suitable to be used by people across the globe. With its easy-to-use and one-hand operating mode, you’ll always receive highly accurate calculations with at a minimum effort. If you’re looking for a high-end and simple to use distance meter, the SUAOKI golf distance finder is perfect for you.

The SUAOKI golf distance finder features a compact and lightweight design that makes it convenient to operate with just a single hand. The gadget is waterproof which means that you can safely use it outdoors even when it’s raining. Thanks to its durable body, you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking your gadget when dropping it onto the floor. Although originally made for golf, this multifunctional range finder can be used for a wide variety of other outdoor activities. Whether you use it for golf, hunting, or archery; the SUAOKI distance finder is guaranteed to meet your needs.

This golf distance finder is brought to you by SUAOKI, your online supplier of affordable high-quality outdoor gear and automotive gadgets. More Power, Less Footprint!

Product specifications:
Lens: 21 mm objective lens
Magnification: 6x adjustable focus
Accuracy: +/- 1m
Min/Max range: 4m / 600m (4.4 yard / 656 yard)
Battery: 1x CR2, 3V
Product dimensions: 4.17 x 1.54 x 2.87 inches (106 x 39 x 73 mm)
Product weight: 0.39 lbs. (175 g)


Package contents:
1x SUAOKI golf distance finder
1x CR2 battery
1x Lanyard
1x Wiping cloth
1x Carrying bag
1x User manual




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