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Our laser range finder collection, also known as rangefinders, golf scope, laser monocular or laser binoculars, features some of the best rangefinder models in the market. A laser range finder allows you to measure the distance to an object with high precision by using very sharp laser beams. We have different models for different usages. The golf range finder and range finder hunting collections adapt to the different needs a person might have practicing different activities. For instance, when in a golf course, the rangefinder reads the flagstick and gives a very precise yardage reading, quickly improving your game performance.

At SUAOKI, we have the best rangefinder collection for golfers, hunters, nature lovers, and people who enjoy archery. All of our devices’ measuring distance easily go up to 656 yards (~600 meters) with an accuracy within 0.55 - 1.09 yards (~0.5 - 1 meter). Browse our collection of laser range finder devices and choose the one that best matches your needs.
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