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Portable Solar Panels 101 - What Factors to consider when buying it?


Posted on May 23 2019

Solar panels utilize energy from the Sun rays and convert it to usable electrical energy -  Read: How does Solar Panels PV Cells work?

On one hand, we have the conventional household and commercial solar panels which are heavy and large in size and thus are only feasible for roof-mounting or ground-mounting to generate energy. On the other hand, we have portable solar panels, these come in different sizes and shapes - from the small pocket-sized mobile solar charge which can only output up to a couple of watts to the 100 watts Portable Solar Panels.

SUAOKI 100-Watt Foldable Solar Panel. via Instagram @everyday_festival


Due to the fact that portable solar panels are engineered for their feasibility and ease in portability, they are much smaller than regular household solar panels, and thus also produce less energy. However, this fact is out-ranked by the ease with which anyone can carry a solar panel with them anywhere, set it up, and plug it directly into their mobile devices to extract power on the go. This simplified energy generation process has been a tremendous step especially for people that require off-grid power, especially when they are on outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, sea-side parties, patio BBQ events, off-grid photography, nature film-making, and more.


SUAOKI Portable Solar Panel

SUAOKI brings you a wide variety of portable solar panels that are a great power source on the go. Simply put them in the sun, plug the wire to your device, and extract free, clean and green energy. We are offering flexible 150W solar panel especially for RVs where you can install them on any curved surface and its large 150-watt capacity is enough for most RV power needs. Another flagship SUAOKI device is the compact 60W solar panel that folds into a small pouch-design. This is great for backpackers, as they can easily fit it inside their backpacks and get going

SUAOKI Portable Power Supply
SUAOKI Flexible 150W Solar Panel. via Instagram @mochipuyo39


The 100W foldable solar panel from SUAOKI. With its massive 22% energy conversion efficiency, it is one of the best portable solar panels out there in the market. Its foldable and lightweight design enables you to easily carry it around; takes minimal storage space so you can easily store it in your car to take it along with you on your adventures.


What do you need the portable solar panel for?

It is vital to know about the usage of any solar panel that you are planning to buy; before making a purchase, calculate what wattage??? the solar panel do you need. Following are the uses of the 100W portable solar panel from SUAOKI.

SUAOKI Portable Power Supply need
SUAOKI 100-Watt Foldable Solar Panel. via suaoki.com


This portable solar panel can produce up to 100 watts of electrical power. It has two outlet ports: DC ports and USB port. You can use the DC port (max 18V) to directly power up your laptop, power banks, power supply stations, and other appliances. The USB port generates a maximum of 7.5V current that is suitable for recharging your smartphones, camping lanterns, hand-held fans, and other USB rechargeable peripherals.


Would you need an added battery system with the solar panel?

Another question to think about before you make the purchase is whether or not the solar panel is capable of direct charging? Or would you need a separate battery to transmit the electric power to your devices?  

Portable Solar Panel 100-watt with Portable Battery System. via Instagram @yul1enmo2


Buying a separate battery is of course added expenses and not a good idea. Although it gives you the freedom of storing power and using it later at night, it takes away the main purpose of "easy portability" of the solar panel as you have to carry the whole system now and imagine carrying it with you on a hike. SUAOKI 100W portable solar panel can directly recharge and power your devices without any need of a battery system in the middle. You can also use it with a power station as well, however, stand-alone it also works great.

Size, weight, and ease-of-portability

The SUAOKI 100W portable solar panel weighs only 7 lbs (3.2 kgs) and measures at 21.2 x 22.1 x 1.6 inches when folded and 44.1 x 21.3 x 1.2 inches when laid out. The lightweight design and compact shape of this PV cell make it easy to carry around.

Take your Portable Solar Panel anywhere you go. via Instagram @sakatakazuhiko


Where can you use it?

This portable solar panel can be used on multiple occasions. You can take it with you on your camping, hiking, trekking, sea-side, and other outdoor adventures to generate free, clean and green power, and fulfill all your off-the-grid power needs. You can also use it at your home to recharge your phones and other USB peripherals.

SUAOKI 100-watt Portable Solar Panel. via Instagram @kozo.503


It can also be used as a power source for your RV and van-life style livings. In addition, if now you ever experience an unannounced power outage you will always have a backup power source for your laptops, smartphones, internet devices and more to keep in touch and get help in such emergency situations.


Still confused, and have some more questions? No worries, leave a comment down below with your query, and we will help you with it.




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