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Costly Solar Power System Mistakes And How to Avoid Them - III


Posted on June 16 2019

After reading the first and the second article on solar mistakes and how to prevent them, I am sure that you are more confident about the solar power system than before, but hold on, there are a few last things that you should know about before getting on to your renewable energy from the sun so as to avoid maximum solar mistakes and apply a practical approach to the solar power system.

Solar power system mistakes SUAOKI
Solar panels installation. via granitegork


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Solar Powered Houses have no Power Outages

A popular belief found amongst many people is that if you install a solar power system on your residence, then you would not have to worry about power outages. Although many might believe this to be true, in most cases this is false and is a common solar mistake people tend to make; we say in most cases because here we are considering the conventional solar energy system that is a grid-tied system and does not have a battery bank to store and deliver power.

Power outage at 
Ronald Reagan airport. via newschannel9


As mentioned above, many people opt for grid-tied solar power systems, the clean and green energy generated from it is stored in the public grid. In such an installation, you are still connected to and receive energy from the grid, and your solar panels generate and store energy in the grid; and with the help of net metering, you are saving money on your bills. Since you are still depending on the grid power, therefore, any power outage will also affect you and your home. Although to get rid of power outage issues, you would need to install an off-grid solar energy system, however, if you have DC appliances at home and you connect them to the solar panels, then you would be able to at least operate them even when power outages occur.


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Not planning for the future

Yes, this might sound a bit difficult to do, but it is highly recommended that you consider future plans for your PV cells and the entire setup. We have already discussed the difficulties in expanding a solar power system as the compatibility of different devices may get complicated; and, furthermore, considering the life span of solar panels that is around 25 years, one should always plan for all these years to maximize the utilization of the solar panels.

Solar power system mistakes SUAOKI
Solar panels installation with space left for future expansion. via norfolk now youtube


Do not just take your previous bill and install a solar power system according to the power consumption in the last month - this is another very common solar mistake, instead consider all the factors that would affect the actual output capacity of the solar energy system, these includes the placement of the solar panels and whether or not the vicinity have enough space for expansion, the compatibility and already installed inverters and batteries with future expansion, orientation of the solar panels and the difference in sun peak hours that arise around the year, need of higher electrical energy in the household in the future with expanding family or any other reason, and many other factors. For all these reasons it is wise to estimate your power consumption over the years and make a solid plan before installing any solar power system so that you can get the most out of the available space, budget, and PV cells.


Waiting for batteries and PV panels to get cheaper

Another common solar mistake that people are making is waiting for solar panels to get cheaper. Yes, it is true that solar panel prices have drastically decreased over the past few years, however, we are reaching the technological saturation point thus in the next few decades we will see only a slight decrease in the price of solar panels.

Solar power system mistakes SUAOKI
Solar battery bank. via ballaratsolarpanels


Batteries are one of the major cost when considering off-grid solar power systems, and we have seen a steady price for batteries over the year. Although battery prices would drop eventually, it is a long journey ahead and one cannot just wait for it. Furthermore, it is to be noted that due to inflation, apart from the solar panels itself, the cost of all other necessary components and mounting systems is increasing every month.


Another necessary aspect of your budget is the federal tax credit which is at 30% now, meaning the state will give you directly a 30% money back on your solar power system. This is a hefty return on your tax credits, but who knows when the policy changes, and we have been hearing that the tax credit will soon (within a few years) be eliminated. Once the tax credit is gone, then the net price would skyrocket; this is another reason why you should act promptly and not wait for any further price reductions in PV cells or batteries.

Solar power system mistakes SUAOKI
Solar panel installer. via latimes


If you still want to wait for a price drop, then it is suggested that you opt for the grid-tied solar power system, and later, whenever you have enough budget or feel like it is the right time for an off-grid solar energy system, you can buy batteries and incorporate them into the system. Until then, your solar panels would be working towards reducing the electrical bills with net metering and you'll be saving money.


Overpaying for Installations

A greater cost of the solar power system is also associated with the price of its installation. Therefore, it would be a big mistake on not asking for multiple quotes and trying to find the best match for your needs. Make sure to get multiple installation quotes. Get some pre-hand knowledge and questions, so that you can ask installers about them - this will not only increase you knowledge of solar panels but it is also an assurance that installer knows what they are doing.

solar mistakes SUAOKI
Solar panels installers. via npr


DIY solar installation is the best money saving option, but however some people do not want to get into all the hustle. If you do want to install it yourself, you can also consider solar panels that comes with a ready-to-use complete kit.   


Read some other common solar mistakes and how to fix them (click here). Also consider reading Portable Solar Panels 101 - What Factors to consider when buying it? If you have any questions please write to us in the comments below or follow us on our social media pages and let us hear from you.

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