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Camping Lights: Why do you Need them on your Adventures?


Posted on December 10 2018

Camping lights or camping lanterns play a vital role in our camping experience. You maybe be wondering that is a very bold statement, but give me a chance to prove it. Imagine coming to your campsite after a refreshing and relaxing hike in the woods, or day-full of adventures and sports by the seaside, only to find out that for some reason there is no power, all in darkness. Not only will this spread anxiety but a fear of "what will happen now? How will I cook, eat, read, sleep and do other stuff?" You cannot simply wait for the first light of dawn to shine and only then do all your tasks. Well, only if you had camping lights you would be able to pull yourself out of such a terrifying situation. Therefore, having a light source at your camping site is very important for an awesome and safe camping adventure.

Camping in the Nother lights. via scoutingmagzine 


History of Lamps

Talking about lights, let me give you a quick recap - and trust me this will put you in a jaw-dropping 'awe' - of how long have camping lights or lights, in general, come along all these years until today. Humans started from striking rocks together to spark fire and light up torches, this is noted as one of the most remarkable achievements humans have ever made. Then the concept of diyas (ancient lamps) came along when the core of a reed (a plant) was submerged into animal fats and burnt, this would last longer than just burning dry sticks because of the oil from the fats, but was very vulnerable to blowing winds that would put out the fire immediately. With more inventions came the lantern in which the diya is put inside a glass container and fats are replaced with oil and cotton is used as the burning wick. The lantern would illuminate the surroundings through the glass, but would not be affected by the blowing wind, genius isn't it? Then came the beeswax candles, the gas lamps and later the incandescent lighting bulb - another milestone, and the fluorescent lighting rods. Finally, now we have the LEDs and OLEDs camping lights.

Lamps timeline. via visual


Camping Lights today

In today's modern world, people highly prefer the LED camping lights since they are compact in size, lightweight and highly portable. LEDs are cheaper and durable, consumes less energy and can run for longer time periods. The latest designs are the solar camping lights that have small solar panels on them so that you can recharge them from solar energy. From firewood and striking rocks, we are we are now using a simple click of button LED lights - an amazing journey!

Modern LED camping lights. via koa


LED and solar camping lights can be of extensive use. You can use them as a light source for cooking on your campsite so that you do not put salt instead of sugar, Lol! or harm yourself with any utensil because of the darkness. They will also help you keep your tent illuminated, play board games, read books, just sit down for a chat and do so much more with it. You can also use them at home in your backyard or in your garage as a portable light source. The simple fact that a light source in the dark gives you a feeling of safety and awareness alone is enough for you to have camping lights with you on your adventurous trips or as a backup light source in your home. Below are some of the trendy and stylish cool camping lanterns that you need to know about!


Portable LED camping lights

SUAOKI has the solution for you to lighten your tents. You can choose from the LED camping lights that are powered by hand-cranking or built-in rechargeable batteries which can last for hours, and you recharge it by hand-cranking right away. Or you can consider the LED camping lanterns that are powered by disposable batteries. Both these LED camping lights are extremely compact and lightweight. They can be compressed into a palm-sized pluck and stored in your small-sized handbag. The extended/uncompressed shape provides you with a light source to illuminate your tent, on the other hand, the compressed pluck design gives you a flashlight. Highly versatile camping lights!

LED Camping Lantern (Powered By Hand Crank and USB Charging). via SUAOKI


Solar camping lights

Alright, if you are looking for a green source of energy, SUAOKI still has a solution for you - the solar camping lights. These come in two different designs, the clover design is a 3 winged-fan-shape that can work as your low, high and SOS light. Power it up from the sun, or the turbocharger which can juice it up with a micro USB port in only 3.5 hours. The pluck-design solar camping lantern can also be charged from a USB port so that even in cloudy days you can recharge it conveniently. Apart from its portable size, compressible design and three modes of lighting: high, low and SOS, it can also function as your power bank, and you can use it to recharge your smartphones or tablets.

Collapsible clover style 18 LED camping tent lantern. via SUAOKI



Mosquito repellent camping lights

We all know that a light source attracts bugs and mosquitoes especially when you are out on a campsite, but wait there is something for that too. Yes! Mosquito repellent camping lights are a thing now. The brand ENKEEO has a 2-in-1 Camping Mosquito Zapper Lantern that keeps your tent mosquito-free for up to 256 sq. feet. So that instead of buzzing off bugs and applying dangerous chemicals to your skin to keep the mosquitoes away, you can enjoy your camping experience to the fullest.


Flashlights and headlamps

These devices have a straight beam light source and thus are primarily used for hiking, and trail trekking adventures, but they can also be used as camping lights. The straight beam of light can be projected onto the tent ceiling that will scatter it and illuminate the whole tent. They can also come handy (or at least better than nothing) when you are cooking by your campsite. These devices are highly portable and have multiple auxiliary features such as this SUAOKI 4-in-1 Cree LED 5200mAh Rechargeable Flashlight that is your flashlight, power bank, emergency glass smashing hammer and seatbelt cutter - the all-in-one best safety device.

4-in-1 Cree LED 10400mAh Rechargeable Flashlight. via SUAOKI


To wind it up, LED camping lights are vital for a good camping experience, they come handy on many occasions. So whenever you are buying camping lights we strongly recommend to consider these factors - weight, portability, recharging sources, lighting modes, auxiliary features, and of course the price. If you are still confused about anything related to this post, please leave a comment down below with your query, and we will help you with it.

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