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SUAOKI 18W Solar Panel



【AR battery bidding】: product output voltage 18V, power is 18w; the product is suitable for maintenance of car battery, motorcycle battery, tractor battery, etc.
【18W solar panel】: solar panel is flexible and can be slightly bent; solar cell efficiency is as high as 22.5%; 18W output is better than 4.5W, 7W similar products
【BUILT-IN BLOCKING DIODE】: Prevents the battery from being discharged backward through the solar panel at night when the charger voltage is low.
【Portable and durable】: weighs only 345g / 12.49 ounces, easy to transport; made of waterproof and heat resistant materials; designed for long-term use
【CHARGE VIA CIGARETTE LIGHTER PLUG】: You can use the cigarette lighter plug to charge the car battery without opening the car hood.
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solar panel

solar panel

Made for Battery Maintenance
The solar battery charger is essential if you have seasonal vehicles that sit for months without being used. With this unit, your vehicle's battery will still be as fresh as the day you left it. It's designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage with free energy source - the sun.

18W Solar Panel
The solar charger has a high solar cell efficiency of 22.5%, and output voltage of 18V with 18W of energy, which is better than 4.5W, 7W of similar product on the market. It's made of polycrystalline which is more efficient than monocrystalline silicon.

Two Ways of Charging
Simply plug the included cigarette lighter plug in the socket and place the panel facing the direction with the most sunlight possible. You can also use the crocodile clips to connect it directly to the battery. You can mount the panel on your windshield with the 4 suction cups.

The unit is not for charging your vehicle's dead battery. It's best as a solar battery tender that maintains your battery's charge after it's already mostly charged.
Also, it is suggested to unplug the charger at night, just in case the blocking diode doesn't prevent all reverse discharge.

Product Specifications:
Product Net Weight: 345g/ 12.49oz
Product Dimensions: 420 x 280 x 2.0mm/ 16.54 x 11.02 x 0.08in
Cells Type: Solar Panel 18W
No-Load Voltage: 18-23V DC
Load Voltage: 18V
Short-Circuit Current: 1A
Solar Cell Efficiency: 22.5%
Solar Cell Dimensions: 125 x 125mm/ 4.9 x 4.9in
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ 65°C

Package includes
1 x 18W Solar Battery Maintainer Charger
1 x Crocodile clips (power cord 1.5m)
1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug (power cord 1.5m)
4 x Suction Cups
1 x User Manual
1 x Thanks Card

Specification Product weight 0.2000 kg
Short Circuit Current 1A
Operating Temperature Range -20°C ~ 65°C

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