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How to Choose the Best Portable Battery Jump Starter?

In our last blog, we told you about portable jump starters, and why is it a necessary item in your car's toolkit. After knowing the importance of a jump starter for your car, now you definitely are looking to buy one. However, the dilemma of choosing a perfectjump starter for your car is a big one. With so many technical details given on each promotional advertisement, it is not an easy case to decide for. Higher Peak Amps (PA) or Higher Cranking Amps (CA)? What is Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)? What is the difference between them? Which one is the decisive factor? Which one to choose for your car?

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All these questions must be hovering over your head if you are buying a jump starter for the first time. As a matter of fact, it is not just you *sigh of relief*, for all beginners choosing the best portable jump starter for their cars can be quite confusing, but do not worry, this article is here to help. Now let us see, what makes up an excellent car battery jump starter? The answer lies in evaluating the following factors: a good quality battery, lightweight, portable, powerful enough, safe, value for money, convenient usage and some additional auxiliary features. All these factors will be discussed below to enrich you with the knowledge of buying the best jump starter for your car.

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In the market, the majority of the sellers only mention about the peak power of their jump starters - a good way to brag and advertise high numbers, but never get trapped with those high numbered peak amperage. A more reliable method of distinguishing between battery jump starters is comparing the CA or the CCA of different jump starters. Let's get to know these terms first.

Peak Amperage (PA): The amount of power a jump starter provides in the initial few seconds to the starter to kick start the cranking motion.
Cranking Amperage (CA): The amount of constant power a jump starter can provide for 30 seconds above 0 C.
Cold Cranking Amperage (CCA): This is the amount of power a jump starter can produce for 30 seconds at 0 F and that too whilst keeping the battery voltage above 7.2 Volts at all the times.

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As is the case with any mechanical system, for a car's engine to start cranking it requires a slightly higher current for the initial kick - PA, than that of the current it requires to keep the engines rotational motion running - CA. However, in winters, the power required for cranking the engine increases significantly as all the fluids in the system become more viscous because of the harsh weather; so for winters, the starter needs a higher current - CCA. The first step to identifying the right jump starter for your car is to find out the values of the PA, CA and CCA read carefully through the user manual of your car and its battery and note it down.

Safety Features

After you figure out how powerful of a jump starter would work for your car, the next step is to consider the safety features that different battery jump starters provide. Modern Jump starters provide many different safety features and amongst them, the following (with brief explanation) are worth considering:

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Over-current protection: Controls the amount of out-flowing current to keep safe your car's battery and starter.
Reverse charging protection: Once the car starts, this feature protects any current flowing from the car's battery towards the jump starter.
Short-circuit protection: Protects against any short circuit including if the two clamps are connected together, this prevents from dangerous fires.
Under-voltage protection: Prevents the jump starter's battery draining below the critical charge level.
Over-voltage protection: Prevents the jump starter's battery from overcharging.
Polarity protection: Prevents any damage to the batteries if clamps are connected to the opposite terminals.

Affordability, durability, and reliability

After you are done considering the safety features too, the next step to do is to determine the jump starter's reliability and durability, and there is no better way to do that other than reading user reviews on different verified websites. A quick skim look of the comments will give you a fair idea if the product you are planning to buy is worth the price you are paying for it, or should you look for another brand.

Auxiliary features

A jump starter itself is a vital gadget for your car and you, but imagine a portable jump starter that comes with additional cool features and functions. An added built-in luminous LED light that can help you if you are stranded in the dark. An air compressor to help you inflate tires and maintain an accurate tire pressure for a smooth ride. An excellent battery jump starter should also be rechargeable from household AC plugs and from a DC charger (cigarette lighter receptacle) as well. To top it all, a jump starter should also have USB and Type-C slots that can recharge your phone and tablets when you are on long drives. Some jump starters now even feature the QC 3.0 fast charging as well.



To sum it up, you have the following steps to follow when choosing the best portable battery jump starter:

Find out how much Peak Amperage, Cranking Amperage and Cold Cranking Amperage your car starter needs.
Find Jump starters with the required power for your car - Look for CCA if you live in cold areas.
Consider the safety features your selected jump starter offers.
Read other user's comments to determine the reliability and durability of your selected products.
Consider additional auxiliary features.
Make your cost-effective choice and buy it.

We have made your jump starter search a slight bit easier for you. Now that you already know what jump starters to look for, here are some recommendations from us: U28, U18, P6, and U10. All these products from SUAOKI have the latest features, advanced safety, and powerful batteries to keep the jump starters safe and always ready in all weather conditions. Go check them out!

I guess now you are ready to buy your jump starter. Still confused? No worries, just leave a comment down below with your query, and we will help you with it.