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All you Need to Know About your Portable Jump Starter

It wouldn't be a big coincidence if I were to say you own a portable jump starter if you also own a vehicle. Furthermore, it is even more likely that you own it if you have frequent problems with your vehicle's battery. With the vacation season just at hand, you might be planning a long road trip with your family to a beach-side, countryside or a nice lovely valley. But hold on a sec! you don't drive your family truck every day, and it is highly possible that it has a dead battery because it has just been standing in the garage for quite some time now. In such a scenario, it is highly recommended that you get a powerful portable car jump starter. Primarily you can have two situations with a dead battery: one problem is that the vehicle's battery discharged over time, another problem is that the extreme weather conditions have damaged the battery. Now even if you recharge the battery of your vehicle and start it, you might still end up being stuck at the next stop-over that you do on your road trip.

SUAOKI Portable Jump Starter Broken Car

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Extreme weather deteriorates a battery and decreases its power, and then even if you charge it, it still discharges even when not in use and you end up with a dead battery. In these cases you definitely need a Portable car jump starter for your rescue, or else you'd be telling your friends sometime later, "What a ruined trip it was, stuck with a car that won't start and waiting for an "angel" to stop by and help me jump start my car". But if you had a jump starter, you could instead be saying, "what a lovely trip it was, even with a dead battery; my portable jump starter rescued me and I enjoyed my trip, resting by a lovely scenic spot, and dwelling in nature's wonders and awes".

It is worth noting that, if you can identify that your vehicle's battery is completely done and dusted, then it is highly advised to replace it with a new battery. However, if it is just a dead battery then you either need to jump start your car with another working battery (usually from another vehicle) or use a portable jump starter to get your vehicle running again. It is very easy to tell if your battery is dead; if the engine is not cranking when you turn your key to start the car, but at the same time, you can see that the lights are working just fine (although maybe a bit dim).

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What is a portable jump starter? How does it work?

So then you might be asking, "what is a portable jump starter"? Well, this isn't a brand new technology or gadget, it has been in the market for quite some time now. For starters, it is a compact high-density lithium-ion battery inside a safe and secure box that provides high power in a short time to crank up your engine. Just to clarify, it does not charge your battery, it just provides the initial kick for the engine to start, and then your alternator will start charging the battery as it usually does. A portable jump starter is incredibly useful and especially famous these days for its convenience. Read more here on how to choose the best portable jump starter for your vehicle type.  


Why do you need a portable jump starter?

Well let's just say portable jump starter is the new way to go; now let me explain why. Not only they are compact enough to fit into your glove compartment in the vehicle, but they are also lightweight, durable, portable and reliable. As mentioned above, the modern and best car jump starters come equipped with lithium-ion batteries; these batteries are extremely compact and easily portable. You can carry them around conveniently; many are so compact that they can even fit your palm. The fact that the Li-ion battery is stored inside a protective box, and are maintenance-free increases its durability. They also have a sound safety and security system (composed of advanced circuitry) that prevents overcharging, short-circuiting and other damages to your car or the portable jump charger itself. Furthermore, a lithium-ion battery (or in this case the portable car jump starter) only loses about 12.5% of its charge in a season (3 months). So even if they are just there in your car for a long time, you don't have to worry much about its charging. Of course, it can help you jump start your car anywhere and anytime making them very reliable.    

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How to jump start your car with a portable jump starter

Jump starting your car with a portable car jump starter kit is super easy: connect the plugs and clamps, and start your engine! You do not need any prior knowledge for it. Just follow the simple steps given below, and you should be good to go.    


Step 1: Getting ready

The first and foremost thing to do is to charge your portable jump starter. I mean it's pretty lame to have one of the best car jump starters in your vehicle but uncharged. After doing that, another important thing is to store it in your car; do not keep it in your house or garage. That because for obvious reasons, you would need it when you get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. See NOTE at the end about storage of the portable car jump starter inside your vehicle.  


Step 2: Take precautionary measures and read the user manual

Just before you actually do start the procedure, always read the user's manual provided with the portable jump starter. Make sure you know how the specific model that you have has advised clamping the alligator clips, and how much voltage does it generate on the output (match it with your vehicle's battery voltage - in almost all the cases it is 12 Volts). If you are standing near any flammable source, do not use the portable car jump starter there. Even a small spark may result in a fire. We also advise you to wear protective goggles and clothes, if possible.

 SUAOKI Portable Jump Starter User Manualsource: faktor


Step 3: Jump starting with the portable jump starter

Make sure that the portable jump starter is turned off before connecting any wires to it or to the vehicle's battery. You also need to identify the positive (+) and the negative (-) terminal of your vehicle's battery. After this is done, now you are ready to jump start your car, and you can start connecting the clamps with the jump starter.

First, connect the red alligator clamp with the positive (+) terminal of the dead battery, and the black alligator clamp with any unpainted nut on the chassis of the car (or a specified grounded wire - if you can find it). However, if you cannot connect it to a grounded source then you can connect it to the negative (-) terminal of the dead battery. Next, turn on the portable car jump starter, this will instantly provide the dead battery with high amperage power. Now you can try to start your car. Give it just one try and do not crank the engine for more than 5 seconds. If you couldn't succeed in starting your car in the first attempt: check if the clamps are firmly connected to the dead battery's terminals, and also wait for about a minute before you give it the next try. Hopefully, finally, you have successfully started your car, hurray! yahoo! You have done it. All good, but now you have to remove the portable jump starter.

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Step 4: Removing the portable car jump starter

To safely remove the portable jump starter; first turn it off and then disconnect the black alligator clamp from the grounded source (nut or wire), or from the negative terminal of the battery. Then disconnect the red clamp from the positive terminal of the battery.  Now safely store the portable car jump starter in your car. It is advised to let your car run idle for a while before hitting the road again; finally, you are all set to get back on road again. Drive safe and have a good trip!

 SUAOKI Portable Jump Starter Noticesource: mindfulchoices



  1. Do not use the portable jump starter when it is hot. Wait for a while and allow it to cool down before using it. If the portable charger is still hot even after waiting for some time, and it is not cooling down, do not use it and consider calling for a towing service or some other help.
  2. Before plugging it in for a recharge, check if the gadget is hot; do not recharge it if it is hot and wait for it to cool down first.
  3. Never touch the inside of the alligator clamps together when the jump starter is turned on.
  4. If you find that the portable car jump starter is inflated, immediately stop using it and safely dispose it off.
  5. Keep in dry and moderate temperature at all times.
  6. Make sure no foreign debris goes in the clamps of the portable jump starter.
  7. Most jump starters have a battery level indicator on them; it is recommended not to use the jump starter if the battery is below 30%.


NOTE: It is very important to keep your portable car jump starter inside the vehicle in a "dry and cool" place e.g. the glove compartment or the trunk. Extreme weather (hot or cold) can decrease the lifespan of the portable jump starter.


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