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Best Portable Power Station - SUAOKI G500

Finding the best portable power station in the market can become tricky, especially if you are a new bee in this field. However, we have made the decision easy for you. Considering that you have multiple devices to keep running all day long, SUAOKI G500 is highly recommended and is the best portable power station you can get.

SUAOKI G500 Best portable power station
SUAOKI G500. via Instagram @overlandjpn


An efficient portable power station has become a daily life necessity. With the ever-growing mobile devices in our lives, keeping all the electronics operational at all times is becoming more of a challenge, but at the same time, we need them. More and more mobile devices are becoming available, and each one of them helps us with our daily tasks and ultimately finding a permanent place in our lives. Therefore, getting a portable charger is going to be vital for keeping our electrical gadgets charged throughout the day and SUAOKI has some of the best portable power stations.

SUAOKI G500 Best portable power station
SUAOKI G500. via Instagram y_ske.f


Large capacity power supply and compact size.

Having a long-lasting battery on your portable power station is as important as having one such device in the first place. I mean, you don't want to be charging your portable charger every now and then.

SUAOKI G500 Best portable power station
Large capacity battery pack G500. via Instagram @silhouette8823


The G500 comes with a massive battery capacity of 137,700mAh battery. This is more than enough power than your phones, tablets, and laptops need on a daily basis. Its compact size of 11.0 L x 7.5 W x 8.3 H inches and weight of about 20 pounds makes it easy to it carries around. With an amazing combination of size, battery capacity, and weight, the G500 is the best portable power station out there.


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G500’s power for all occasions - camping, long drives, and an emergency backup power source.

Not only can you use such a massive battery for your daily usage, but you can also take this device with you on your outdoor adventures. For instance, on a camping trip it will fulfill all your energy demands, on long drives it can be used to power up TV for movies and cartoons keeping your kids entertained, and during unexpected power blackouts,it can be used as an emergency power supply so that you can keep connected to the outside world. Such diverse usage truly makes the G500 - the best portable power station.

G500 SUAOKI best portable power station
G500. via Instagram @soutarou270 


3 types of output ports for all your devices.

Another reason to mark the G500 as the best portable power station is its ability to charge all your devices with its versatile output. It comes with x2 pure sine wave AC outputs that are safe and secure for all your sensitive electronics, x2 DC outputs, x1 cigarette socket, x2 QC 3.0 fast USB charging ports, and x1 QC 3.0 type-C fast charging port to boost your phone's battery within minutes.

SUAOKI G500 Best portable power station
Multiple outputs G500. via Instagram @pinoco0515


With such a diverse output system in a single device, you can run all your appliances including your projectors to watch movies, laptops to work, fridge to keep your food fresh, speakers for some party music and the list goes on. The DC ports allow you to charge your phones, tablets, batteries, go-pros, drones, and many such items.

G500 powering up a portable fan. via Instagram @ozws2910


Recharge with AC, DC or Solar Energy.

Recharging the G500 It is very easy and convenient. You can either recharge it with the included AC adapter at your home or connect it with the car cigarette socket to charge it as you go. Furthermore, this is an ideal power supply for environmental enthusiasts as you can also recharge it directly from a solar panel.

SUAOKI G500 Best portable power station
Solar recharging G500. via instagram @ natsuo.nov11


The G500 also includes an MPPT solar charge that controls the current from a solar charger and charges the device with optimal current and voltage; so just plug in the solar panel and enjoy clean, green and free power. This is especially beneficial for camping tours and other outdoor activities, so you can generate and consume power in unlimited access. The G500 also features a Battery Management System (BMS) so that the device can be charged in the most optimal state; it will also cut off the power when the battery is full to prevent overcharging.

Note: it is strongly recommended to recharge it from your car DC outlet when then the engine is running.

SUAOKI G500 Best portable power station
Recharge it anywhere, clean and green energy G500. via Instagram @ yu1kenmo2


Safe and secure electrical power.

At SUAOKI, your safety is our number one priority. All our devices are made with multiple safety functions and are tested rigorously before getting them onto the market for sales and the G500 is no exception. It comes with overcharge protection, over/under current drain protection, voltage protection, and many other features. All of these features make the G500 stand out and one of the best portable power stations in the market.

SUAOKI G500 Best portable power station
Supports multiple devices G500. via Instagram @just_do_it_aki 

Winding it up, the G500 from SUAOKI is definitely one of the best portable power stations available out there (this phrase is repeatedly used). With such a versatile usage, compact size and affordable price it is a great investment. With its multiple outputs, you can plug and power many different electrical gadgets and stay connected. At the same time, solar charging gives you the ability to generate and use clean and green energy, and with its quiet operation, you don't have to rely on the noisy gas generators anymore.